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Tinkerfest 2018 

Saturday, April 14 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tinkerfest is a one-day festival that celebrates the creative, curious, and innovative spirit in all of us. Tinkerfest brings together makers, artists, and tinkerers to showcase their work while inviting attendees of all ages to join in DIY fun. During the daylong event, the entire Center will be activated, both interior and exterior spaces, with activities that highlight creativity and curiosity. A hallmark area of Tinkerfest is the "take apart” zone where tinkerers can see, touch, and learn how something works by assisting in dismantling it. Tinkerfest is geared towards a family audience but intriguing for everyone! The event is a platform for where all ages can experiment and learn together.

Tinkerfest is included with regular Center admission.

Members are Free (Find out about becoming a member here)

Current Event Partners and Activities are listed below. Check back often for updates on the day's fun.

The Scott Family Amazeum

Bio: The Scott Family Amazeum, a hands-on museum for children and families in Northwest Arkansas, is the dream of a community - to educate people in the best ways possible for whatever lies ahead and to engage the entire family in exploration, learning, and fun.

Activity: Giant Multi-player Pac Man - we utilize makey makey and some large touch pads so two people have to work together to play this arcade game.

Black Girls CODE

Bio: Black Girls CODE is devoted to showing the world that black girls can code, and do so much more. By reaching out to the community through workshops and after school programs, Black Girls CODE introduces computer coding lessons to young girls from underrepresented communities in programming languages such as Scratch or Ruby on Rails. Black Girls CODE has set out to prove to the world that girls of every color have the skills to become the programmers of tomorrow.

Activity: This interactive booth gives participants the opportunity to program and play with round robots. The hands-on experience will bring coding to life while showcasing how fun it is to learn the fundamentals of computer science.

Project Ember

Bio: At Project Ember, we build big. We teach kids how to safely use professional power tools, announce a surprise design challenge, and unleash our imaginations in our design sessions. Then we build it, test it, improve it, play with it, ride on it, and show it off. Though every week is unique, one thing is guaranteed: kids will always be able to get in, climb on or operate creations of their very own design.

Activity: Join Project Ember as they design and assemble our very own larger than life DNA helix. We’ll use lumber and drills to build a large-scale replica of a helical DNA, assembling base pairs and building the sequence. We need your help to make it huge!

The Original Scraper Bike Team

Bio: The Scraper Bike Movement seeks to capture the creativity of youth living within dangerous communities. It gives them a positive outlet that is fun, educational, and promotes healthy lifestyles. The Scraper Bike Movement offers youth a sustainable group of peers that is positive and motivating. We want to expand and enlighten young people’s perspective on life through fixing and painting bicycles. Our goal is to support youth entrepreneurship and cultural innovation. http://originalscraperbikes.blogspot.com/

Activity: Stop by this booth and learn how to deck out your bicycle!

Tinker Kitchen

Bio: Tinker Kitchen is a makerspace in the Mission in San Francisco with all the cooking gadgets you can’t fit into your kitchen. Join them at the kitchen, swap cooking tips with other food hackers, learn cool new things, and embark on your own cooking adventures! They are currently under construction and will be opening in a few months. https://tinkerkitchen.org/

Activity: Come and play with your food at this booth!

Today's Future Sound

Bio: Today's Future Sound (TFS) uses the power of Hip Hop music & beatmaking as an educational and therapeutic intervention in schools, community centers, and juvenile justice settings. Our team of instructors cover progressive techniques employed in Hip Hop and Electronic music production and DJ'ing.

Activity: Join Today's Future Sound for a live interactive beatmaking workshop in the Megadome. This experience will exhibit the music and skills they teach students and community members across the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. DJ's and beatmakers will pull kids from the audience to program drums and play percussion instruments, with an instruction on sampling and remixing classic tracks.

The Wonderful Idea Company

Bio: The Wonderful Idea Company is a creative design studio in the East Bay that develops resources to support the exploration of art, science & technology through making and tinkering.

Activity: Join us to create a large-scale collaborative chain reaction machine. We'll be using everyday materials in really unusual ways, making circuits with home-made switches and salvaged toy parts, and ending with a big finale! Spend some time building a section of this playful machine, and stick around to see it go off at 1 and 4 o'clock.

Car Take Apart and Plane Engine Take Apart

Learn how  work by taking them apart! Tinkerfest will feature two take apart stations!  Dismantle an entire car and a plane engine with the help of trained mechanics!